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The Experience


A house outside time and space. Seven women from different eras.
Then, one of them is murdered...
As buried secrets and hidden grudges rise to the surface, who is guilty?
We need you to unmask the murderer.

From the creative team behind Four Horse Road,The Bride Always Knocks Twice — Killer Secrets is an original multi-platform interactive murder mystery.

Combining digital theatre and live interrogations, with online case files and virtual crime scene investigations, test your wits and unravel the mystery in four parts.

Can you uncover her killer secrets?

How to Play

The Bride Always Knocks Twice — Killer Secrets is a multi-platform interactive murder mystery.

Unravel the mystery in four parts across two nights:
Chapter 1: Conflicts
Chapter 2: Lies
Chapter 3: Crime Scene
Chapter 4: Revelations

Chapter 1 leads immediately into Chapter 2.

Before The Experience: Purchase your tickets and login to gain access. Dive into the online case files to uncover these women’s past and select two suspects to interrogate in Chapter 2: Lies.

Chapter 1: Conflicts (Digital Theatre | 45 mins): Revisit the night of the murder and watch the loyalties and conflicts play out between the seven women.

Chapter 2: Lies (Live Interrogation | 60 mins): Enter the interrogation room and question two out of five possible suspects. Uncover their motives, test their alibis.

Chapter 3: Crime Scene (Online Investigation): Visit the house to search for clues through a virtual reconstruction of the murder site.

Chapter 4: Revelations (Digital Theatre | 35 mins): Join the policewoman to unmask the real killer as the truth finally comes to light.

The Bride Always Knocks Twice — Killer Secrets (31 May - 7 June 2021) has come to a close. Until the house appears once again…Follow The Theatre Practice's Facebook/Instagram for latest updates.


Chapter 1: Conflict & Chapter 2: Lies
Date: 31 May - 5 June 2021
Time: 8pm (Mon - Sat) & 10pm (Fri - Sat) (GMT+8)
Venue: Online

Chapter 3: Crime Scene
Available on Digital Stage after Chapter 2

Chapter 4: Revelations
Date: 6 June 2021 (Sun) or 7 June 2021 (Mon)
Time: 8pm (GMT+8)
Venue: Online

Multilingual performance, including English, Mandarin, Malay and Cantonese (with closed captions in English and Chinese for Chapter 1: Conflicts and Chapter 4: Revelations).

Please note that there will be no subtitles or interpreter for the LIVE segment Chapter 2: Lies, so please select the suspects you can communicate with.


"Most ambitious interactive offering to date in a pandemic year…"

- The Straits Times

"A fun-filled night with mi amigos!"

- Ryan, Audience



"Everything was so fully immersive from the actual show to even having a live interrogation!"

- Audience

"实在是太有趣了……数位剧场+限时互动+自主探索,简直就是线上immersive theatre……"

—— 观众 (中国)

"If you like solving puzzles, escape room games or just wanna support the local arts scene, it’s damn fun!"

- Hendric, Audience


—— 观众 (台湾)

"There’s so much materials to work with, being online doesn’t take away anything from the experience!"

- Kimberly, Audience

"Playing out as a combination of pre-recorded drama, a searchable virtual crime scene, and live interrogations, it managed to capture the best of each facet of the virtual theatre landscape."

- No Proscenium

Kuo Jian Hong

Jonathan Lim
Liu Xiaoyi

Producer / Production Manager
Cecilia Chow

Line Producer / Co-Director (Film)
Kat Goh

Director of Photography
Rachel Liew

Production Designer
James Page

Costume Designer
Max Tan

Assistant Costume Designer
Wong Wai Toh

Hair Designer
Ashley Lim

Make Up Designer
Bobbie Ng

Make Up Assistant
Hiroko Willot

Original Score
Joe Ng
Ernie Goh

Sound Design & Audiopost
Joe Ng

Edit & Play
Goh Siew Peng
Cheah Ting Le
Ben Tan Chong Keng

Cast (In order of appearance)
Ang Xiao Ting

Suhaili Safari

Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai

Su Chun Ying

Ng Mun Poh

Jodi Chan

Isabella Chiam

Film Production
1st Camera Assistant
Calvin Phua
Justin Faith Ng

2nd Camera Assistant
Cheok Wee Liang Jasper
Matthew Chong
Zolynn Phua
Kat Midori


Key Grip
Elton Lim
Chia Rong Liang

Muhammad Syafi’ie

Junior Grip
Ho Hui Hoa Aylwin

Intern (Lighting Department)
Danson Kok
Kester Kiew
Colette Chong
Ellen Chee
Eliza Goh
Muhammad Rashid

Location Sound Recordist
Chia Jenn Hui

Boom Operator
Michelle Boey
Vidonia Yeo

Assistant Costume Designer
Wong Wai Toh

Wardrobe Mistress
Yeo Fu Bi

Make Up Assistant
Hiroko Willot

Art Assistant
Julie Heather Liew
Yoko Seko
Pearlcelia Liong

Stage Manager / Script Supervisor
Woon Siew Yin

Technical Coordinator
Lee Bee Bee

Production Coordinator / Data Wrangler
Lai Jingwen

Production Assistants
Joey Cheng
Michelle Tan

Intern (Production Team)
Tay Lin Ning

Digital Stage Technician
Woo E-hui

Interrogation Moderators
Vivi Agustina
Jodi Chan
Joey Cheng
Sim Xin Yi
Michelle Tan

Language Coach (Cantonese)
Liow Shi Suen

Language Coach (Javanese)
Agnes Christina

Web & Digital Theatre Development
Screensavers Pte Ltd

Partnership and Project Manager
Valerie Sim

The Theatre Practice (Singapore)
Goh Lay Kuan
Kuo Pao Kun (1939-2002)

Artistic Advisors
Goh Lay Kuan
Wong May Lan

Artistic Director
Kuo Jian Hong

Executive Director
Daniel Goh

Programming & Production Team
Cecilia Chow (Lead)
Joey Cheng
Lai Jingwen
Lee Bee Bee
Sim Xin Yi
Michelle Tan
Woon Siew Yin
Tay Lin Ning (Intern)

Communications & Partnership Team
Chuang Hanling
Ronice Ho
Ho Shu En
Jasmine Lim
Su Fang Shiuan
Teh Xiang Her
Yin Zhi Yan
Fu Lingqi (Intern)
Alvin Ling (Intern)

Advocacy Team
Leslie Choo
Heng Wei Ting

Human Resources/Admin Team
Rena Lew (Lead)
Gina Tai
Ooi Ai Chen

Finance Team
Teo Seok Kheng (Lead)

Sister, The Moon (Original Theatre Soundtrack)
Joanna Dong

Joanna Dong

Joe Ng

Joe Ng

Joe Ng

Recording & Additional Arrangement
Ernie Goh

Additional Editing and Mix
Ou Kexin

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