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Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 SAFE MANAGEMENT UPDATES (Updated on 15 May 2021)

Due to the updated COVID-19 safety regulations, we are saddened to inform you of the following changes to The Bride Always Knocks Twice — Killer Secrets.

  • Tea Time Tales: Cancelled
  • Chapter 3: Crime Scene: Now Online

The other parts of the experience will go ahead as planned. Chapter 3: Crime Scene ticket holders will be contacted shortly. As many patrons will be affected, we ask for your patience on this matter. For other ticketing enquiries, please email

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you once again for your support!

- The Theatre Practice

What will I have to do?

You can be as active or as passive as you like in this interactive murder mystery. Watch the digital theatre show, interrogate the suspects, explore the case files and the virtual crime scene, and discuss with your friends to unmask the murderer. The whole experience is more rewarding if you participate. Or you can simply sit back, relax, and just watch the mystery unfold through the digital theatre show.

How long is the entire experience?

Chapter 1: Conflicts (Digital Theatre): 45 mins
Chapter 2: Lies (Live Interrogation): 60 mins
Chapter 3: Crime Scene (360° Online Investigation): Available on the Digital Stage after Chapter 2. You can experience this at your own time.
Chapter 4: Revelations (Digital Theatre): 35 mins

The total duration of the experience is approximately 2.5 hours, with chapters unfolding across multiple days.

Will I know who is the murderer at the end of the murder mystery?

Yes, the murderer will be revealed during Chapter 4: Revelations. Participants can choose to watch it on 6 June or 7 June, 8pm. You can access Chapter 4 on both days.

Can multiple people share a device?

Yes, you can. However, each device will only gain access to interrogate two of five suspects during Chapter 2: Lies. To divide and conquer to interrogate more suspects, we recommend purchasing the 2 or 3 devices ticket packages.

What types of ticket packages are there and what do they include?

We offer three main ticket packages:

  • 1 device: Suitable for single player. The ticket allows you to sign up for one account on this website, and login on one device.
  • 2 devices: Suitable for couples or a group of two. You will receive two tickets that will allow you to create two accounts on this website, and each account can login on one device and is entitled to interrogate two of five suspects.
  • 3 devices: Suitable for groups of friends who want to solve this murder mystery together. You will receive 3 tickets that will allow you to create three accounts on this website, and each account can login on one device and is entitled to interrogate two of five suspects.
What tech/device(s) do I need to take part in this interactive murder mystery?

For an optimal experience, you will need a desktop/laptop computer with a strong internet connection, to access the full function of this website, including watching the digital theatre show, interrogating the suspects live, and accessing the clues in the case files. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox browsers. Please note that this website is not optimised for mobile devices.

We also recommend using headphones/earphones when watching the digital theatre show for a better audio experience.

Is there an advisory for this interactive murder mystery?

The experience contains some mention of mature content.

Do I need to be seen/heard on screen for the interrogation?

No, audiences will not be seen or heard on screen during the live interrogation. The interrogation will be conducted live through a chatbox via text. However, the suspects will answer your question live on screen.

What do I do after purchasing my ticket?

Click on "Login/Signup" on the top right corner of the page. You will be directed to a Login page, click on "New user? Sign up here" to create an account. Enter your Ticket No. (from your e-ticket), Username (this will be your display name during the interrogation), and Mobile Number (you will be asked for an OTP to verify your number) to create your account.

Next, you will need to decide which two suspects you would like to interrogate during Chapter 2: Lies. Once you have completed the sign up, you can now access information about the suspects and clues/evidence that will help you to solve the case.

This website is a digital theatre where you can access everything you need for the experience, including watching the digital theatre show. You can log back into your account using your mobile number as and when you like (during the period of the murder mystery) to study the clues and investigate the case.

I want to change the suspects I have selected to interrogate, can I do so?

No, your selection during the sign up is final, and no changes can be made after.

How do I access the digital theatre show?

Login and click on the “Play” icon in the menu bar at least 15 minutes before the stipulated showtime of Chapter 1: Conflicts & Chapter 4: Revelation. The digital theatre show is streamed live with no playback and will begin promptly. Please make sure you login early to avoid unexpected delays.

I am unable to sign up or login, what can I do?

Please make sure you have a valid e-ticket. Each e-ticket will have a unique Ticket No., and each Ticket No. only allows you to create one account. If you are still facing issues, please contact us at with your ticket details for further assistance.

I’m interested to organise this for a big group/company event, who should I contact?

Drop us an email at for group bookings.

I did not receive the confirmation email after completing my ticket purchase, what should I do?

The email could have gone into your "Spam" or "Junk Mail" folder. If you did not receive a confirmation email, please go to the ticketing page ( and click on "Resend Booking Confirmation" on the website to resend the confirmation email. Alternatively, please contact BookMyShow at 6591 8871 or email for assistance.

I have more questions. Where can I get help?

If you have further questions about the gameplay/experience or navigating the website after sign up, please feel free to drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram @thetheatrepractice or email us at